The Cardholder

The third object is the cardholder that I always have on the back of my phone case.

This cardholder contains two pockets. The space is enough for up to 3-4 cards. The material is a solid but flexible leather that sticks on the back of your phone, you can find different colours, but this one, in particular, is metallic grey, just for aesthetics.

Why this is well designed?

This cardholder is helpful in my daily life because it makes my life simple and easy. One of the advantages is that I never forget my debit card and identification card because I take my phone everywhere with me and the cardholder behind my phone case is always with me. This object is well designed because it is simple. Still, it works well for example in situations where you need to carry your card all the time, in London the underground is the primary public transport for Londoners. So most of the people with the busy life can easily forget about the wallet. Still, if you put your debit card inside this cardholder and your Identification card, you make sure that you will always take it with you. I realise that some objects are designed for a specific audience or place and are more practical, for example, in big cities where life is busier.