The Keyring

One of the objects that I use in my daily life and always come with me is my keyring.

The object’s description is simple as a metal piece in the form of a bottle opener, with a firm surface and beautiful design picture evocating the place where I bought it.This product is lightweight, so it is simple to carry everywhere. The primarily defined words for describing this product is a souvenir, open bottle keyring.

Why is it well designed?

In my opinion, this is a beautiful and intelligent design; one of the reason is that it makes three functions in one object. For example, it is a souvenir of the city of Barcelona that reminds me of the good moments that I spent there. The second reason is the functionality of the open bottle because it is convenient in meetings with friends and is helpful. For example, in picnics, the last reason is the main functionality of this object, which is a keyring and helps not just for decoration but also for not losing my keys. Finally, it is easier to see and lighter to carry.