Three Design Obejcts

We don’t give attention to all the objects that we use during our daily lives. However, something that is clear is that design is everywhere. We are surrounded by design So the challenge for this week is to focus on the small details and start perceiving the objects that generally we don’t appreciate as a good design. My final thoughts during this exercise are that usually, we don’t realise how well designed an object is.

It is more perceived for people to discover a bad design because it is bothering us in our daily lives. Therefore, people tend to focus on the bad instead of the good; the same thing happens with objects and their designs. In conclusion, Sometimes, we do not appreciate a good and functional design. So, for example, one of the benefits of this exercise is appreciated good design in the simple things.

The Keyring

One of the objects that I use in my daily life and always come with me is my keyring.

The object’s description is simple as a metal piece in the form of a bottle opener, with a firm surface and beautiful design picture evocating the place where I bought it.This product is lightweight, so it is simple to carry everywhere. The primarily defined words for describing this product is a souvenir, open bottle keyring.

Why is it well designed?

In my opinion, this is a beautiful and intelligent design; one of the reason is that it makes three functions in one object. For example, it is a souvenir of the city of Barcelona that reminds me of the good moments that I spent there. The second reason is the functionality of the open bottle because it is convenient in meetings with friends and is helpful. For example, in picnics, the last reason is the main functionality of this object, which is a keyring and helps not just for decoration but also for not losing my keys. Finally, it is easier to see and lighter to carry

The Cardholder


The third object is the cardholder that I always have on the back of my phone case.

This cardholder contains two pockets. The space is enough for up to 3-4 cards. The material is a solid but flexible leather that sticks on the back of your phone, you can find different colours, but this one, in particular, is metallic grey, just for aesthetics.

Why this is well designed?

This cardholder is helpful in my daily life because it makes my life simple and easy. One of the advantages is that I never forget my debit card and identification card because I take my phone everywhere with me and the cardholder behind my phone case is always with me. This object is well designed because it is simple. Still, it works well for example in situations where you need to carry your card all the time, in London the underground is the primary public transport for Londoners. So most of the people with the busy life can easily forget about the wallet. Still, if you put your debit card inside this cardholder and your Identification card, you make sure that you will always take it with you. I realise that some objects are designed for a specific audience or place and are more practical, for example, in big cities where life is busier.


The Backpack


I genuinely believe that the second object I use almost every day is designed to make your life easier. It is a backpack you can take everywhere.

This backpack has two pockets on the sides; one of them is for carrying your bottle of water, and the other one is for an umbrella, the material of this backpack is waterproof, and the style is smart casual.The storage space inside is enough to carry your laptop and the things you need in your daily life.

Why is this well designed?

In my opinion, this is a well-designed product because it is orientated for a specific public target. It is designed for people who need to carry their laptops to work or college and need a backpack to make their lives easy. For example, the pocket for the bottle of water is designed with the final intention of not being able to forget your bottle of water somewhere.Same as It is a pocket specific for an umbrella is more probably that you are not going to forget about your umbrella. Because we usually left it everywhere. That’s why it is designed with two pockets on the side, having a specific place for each one.The material and the colour are waterproof for rainy days and the solid black colour that you can use every day. So you can match your outfit, the material is one of the most important things because in a city that rains most of the days a waterproof material needs to protect your laptop and your paperwork.